Available to forever homes

New Arrivals will be in the Nursery UPDATED 7/26/14 We will list here dogs ready to show or be an adopted companion, or hopefully both! I may list for a few friends or cobreeders who are in more remote areas i.e. no great internet connections or they may travel a lot. We have a litter due at the end of May we are very excited about.

They are here!

An amazing true hairless boy with natural ears- Pickle!

Available to a show or performance home

Solid pink with chocolate (prob will be freckled with time) spot and ears





We have 2 tiny puffs available now, a boy Peanut and a girl DeeDee:



 Peanut 8 weeks, so cute $300


 DeeDee the girl, solid white with black mask $350




pictured below is Swagger -picture pedigree

Swagger is a gorgeous boy that has a lot of potential as a show boy. He is the classic looking chinese crested and very flashy spotting makes him an eye catcher. He is from tested lines and would make a great pet or companion. Terms considered if he is shown. He is CLEAR BY DEFAULT- NEGATIVE FOR PRCD-PRA (Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration), VWD(Von Willebrand Disease Type 1 (vWD), DM (Degenerative Myelopathy ) A really funny clown with a nice pedigree and such a sweetheart. his pedigree is under "Sakkarra Chibi Hes Got The Look" on the database 


Swagger is a wonderful show prospect full of life and energy!

Heres our cover boy as a baby. Hes almost true hairless with very little clean up, wonderful skin and can MOVE



 Question of the month:


I WAS ASKED CAN YOU JUST CLIP A PUFF? A hhl, or hairy hairless gets hair up the legs and a strip down the back. They do get pretty flowing furnishings. You can clip a puff, but the undercoat is very silky and leaves a "sheen" and within 3 days the soft coat is back. A HHL doesnt have the undercoat and the hair is pretty harsh and you can see through it.

here is the best site about grooming, at the top you can see the 3 types. The HHL gets the longest flowing manes and tails so they are more competivite and popular.

Puffs will not get big foot hair or big crests/tails. Its almost the opposite of a hairless.


I WONT LIE, SOME OF THE EXTREME "HHL" TAKE MORE TIME THAN A PUFF TO READY FOR A SHOW! so we are trying to stay away from that.

 With the longer flowing furnishings, manes and tails and the 'glamour'...they win more so are bred more. Show people have almost introduced a new type. for a pet no one wants to spend up to 3-4 hours weekly making their "hairless" dog hairless. Most have some grooming to do, but be sure to ask. And be prepared that the ones with big poofy feet and long manes will have some body hair. If even a strip down the back. A TRUE hairless has a mohawk and very very little hair on its feet and tail. Thicker skin and sometimes a "B.O." body odor if not bathed like a person will accompany that, and thats when you get into sunscreens and lotions.

A puff has more hair follicles and very soft skin, so if shaved you can tell by the hair dispersal and when you lift up the mane their is a "cut line" even if dilapitories are used, there will be a line that a hairless dog will not have. A hairless mane has bigger follicles and no undercoat there.


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