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Cool News: GinGin, Sakkarra N Jewels got Chocolate?, had a few cameos in the Animal Planet Dogs 101: Chinese Cresteds..check out our blog  for the link! Angel goes WB at Westminster KC 2014!


Thank you for visiting our Web home of Sakkarra Chinese Cresteds! Our family has a small hobby of showing and raising Chinese Cresteds! We are just South of Louisville Ky and this lovely breed has made a wonderful addition to our lives. (We are not affiliated with any other breeders in Shepherdsville, KY( a few CkC and "designer dog" breeders within a few miles- we do not agree with that!)

A crested is a delightful dog- full of zest for life! Some looks range from Gremlin to funny Chupacabra! We are health care professionals so we do not show as much as we like, so when we can we want the most bang for our buck!

 We may not go to 100 shows a year but you shouldnt have to if the dogs are nice and competitive when it counts. Plus lately, it seems the dogs have more fun in agility or rally than walking in a square or maybe I do! Shows were developed to compare stock for form and function to a written breed Standard. The Standard was developed for the breed- a dog that conforms to the Standard will have form and function. Politics and status are not in our Standard, but do affect our breed.




We health test(eyes, VonWb, DM, patellas prelims) and Temperament test puppies. We have dogs out being shown in conformation as well as Agility and Therapy dogs. 

We do supply a health guarantee and satisfaction guarantee that includes temperament as well. We take pride in our temperaments! A dog is a family member and everyone should be happy with the arrangement- including the dog!


We are building- so please check back!

We are building a blog with tips, stories and tricks of the trade among us 3- I like to read them and thought we'd give it a try if it will help those that are new to cresteds or just a mutual enjoyment of the breed! We update once a week when we can.


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