Hairy Hairless? What does a "Hairless" dog look like that is labeled HAIRY?

The short version. 

We have had several people come to see the puppies and I find myself trying to explain the contradicting terms of "Hairy Hairless". A show person or person more familiar with the breed has heard this term, but its hard to explain to a pet owner their hairless new pet can get scruffy and hairy. True hairless are a hallmark of our breed, but much like a patterned afghan hound, "older style" without the glamour of flashy coat in all the right places have almost been put to the side. Some judges do prefer and put up a true hairless, but competition has brought the hairy hairless to the front. People breed them wanting the heavy furnishings and mane and just "tidy up" the rest of the dog. I do not know if its become more evident or more accepted but when I wanted to add to my line, the definitin of "Hairy hairless" varied from breeder to breeder, as well as the amount of "extra coat" up to the point it took more grooming than my puffs.

I will use my dogs that I have bought or bred, or co-bred, to illustrate some examples and maybe they can help you spot what is a Hairy Hairless, moderate to extreme, and what may just be a poorly coated puff being sold as HHL and much work will go into that hairless dog. I know this will sound hypocritical, as I do and can appreciate a nice Truely Hairless dog, but I need some Glamour and fancy on my guys! I do not like the look of a dog that is bald to the point of being a Sphynx cat. I also do not like a dog that looks like ToTo the terrier 3/4's the time unless immediately after grooming!

 I WAS ASKED CAN YOU JUST CLIP A PUFF? A hhl, or hairy hairless gets hair up the legs and a strip down the back. They do get pretty flowing furnishings. You can clip a puff, but the undercoat is very silky and leaves a "sheen" and within 3 days the soft coat is back. A HHL doesnt have the undercoat and the hair is pretty harsh and you can see through it.

here is the best site about grooming, at the top you can see the 3 types. The HHL gets the longest flowing manes and tails so they are more competivite and popular.
Puffs will not get big foot hair or big crests/tails. Its almost the opposite of a hairless.

Mocha- HL with light body hair. Pictures at 1 week, 6 weeks and 7 months.

The bottom pictures were taken with 1 hour of one another

He is a Hairy Hairless with light body hair. A true hairless has a few bristles down the back and a mohawk with sparse furnishings on the feet and tail. 1/3 to 1/2 the tail is bald naturally and they have a 1-2" bald notch before the shoulders on the neck. Mocha is pretty close to a true for my guys and current dogs. He has nice furnishings and clean up is about 5 minutes- a quick zip of the clippers. They get weird tufts of hair also- like on his side!

Scampi -HHL- light body hair- 6 wks, 12 weeks, 4 months


Swagger -HHL with light body hair. 2 weeks, 6 wks, 4 months, 6 months


getting a new one

This is Swagger- a little bit more hair than Mocha. They both have medium furnishings. You can see through the harsh stiff hair. It is not soft or fine. It comes off easy with any type of clipper.


all of the above are the ideal HHL to me

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