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Introducing Pickle, Sakkarra Tickled Pink

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I did a linebreeding as I love both parents and the movement on the father is amazing. We had 3 babies on May 25th and theres a stunning true Hairless male - we named him Pickle and what a cutie! as hes a boy who could have an amazing show career, if a nice show home comes along we would consider placing him but if not he will hit the rings this fall. We also had 2 of the cutest tiny-tot puffs, black and white, and more in the Nursery.

ANGEL WB at Westminster 2014

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8     Anam Cara King's Row Treasured Angel
Breed: Afghan Hound
Sex: Bitch
AKC: HP 29617109
Date of Birth: November 22, 2007
Breeder: Richard Allen & Dyann Callahan & Deborah Allan
Sire: Ch Adorah's Retro Active
Dam: Anam Cara Sakkarra Mdam Sumrwnd
Owner: L Kartman

Westminster KC

As a breeder this males me smile so much when dogs I have bred and placed produce so nicely! I am breeder of her mother and cobreeder on her. So happy for them!!!


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I am trying to update as we move to a bigger site, but bear with me.

Sakkarra Let Them Eat Chocolate Cake ! at Little Dog of Dream

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Sakkarra Let Them Eat Chocolate Cake ! at Little Dog of Dream


Our sweet, sweet Truffles is now in France and is now

Sakkarra Let Them Eat Chocolate Cake ! at Little Dog of Dream

Stay tuned for updates!

Trend of HAIRY hairless breed

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Gosh I have been super busy with clients and trying to catch up! We have pups available from 2 cobred litters-

video here: and in our Nursery. I bought a new boy and he was used twice. I outcrossed to a true hairless as dogs are just too hairy with breeders shaving away. If you have to cut down a whole dog to make it hairless- then whats the fun in that- you do not have a hairless dog you have a dog that feels like stubble or looks scruffy 90% of the time.

for me it loses what the hallmark of the breed IS- soft supple skin. yes a few spurts of hair here and there:This is Scout who displays the ideal HHL and about as hairy as you want and NEED.

On several sites if you see recently groomed 4 week old pups with what looks like a "bob" on the crest- it just stops and theres a thick line, its too hairy. Judges lift up that hair and it may BE a HHL but they will penalize as its too hairy. A shaved puff will have the same look. the skin has a soft white glistening sheen as a correct HL will have bristle like hair NOT fur. You shouldnt HAVE to Nair a dog to get skin in a breed thats hairless.

Its like a man's chin, when clipped- smooth. But his head of hair when clipped- soft fuzz left. When a judge touches what should be fine grained tacky skin- thats not going to happen.

Congrats on Angel's Eukanuba win!

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Puppy food 3 weeks to 8

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This is what we feed:

at 3 weeks:

HAM baby food from jar with boiled water and a bit of Rice flakes(NOT OATMEAL) in baby food section Kroger/Walmart, make loose paste add a few drops Karo. More red than pink- so more meat. Just use GERBER meats(blue label) ham, beef chicken- nothing else. 3x a day.

NEEDS to be moist. USE boiled water so they can start water intake too.

Even Blue dog food canned seemed to give diarreah - so stayed with human baby food for cresteds this age- as many do not have teeth until 4 weks or on...and under a pound- cannot afford dehydration

at 4-5 weeks

boil some water, add to fatty hamburger 73/27% just enough to make grey squish- NOT firm kernels to choke on- drain most of water- will be pink mud. Add a few drops of Karo and some Gerbers. NEEDS to be moist.

at 5 weeks

soften reg kibble food to fluff by adding boiling water, then add in above minus baby foods/Rice flakes

at 6 weeks

softened food and then slowly let be hard and normal to strengthen teeth

Yes, I realize some people just soften kibble at first and then on. This is what we have done for 20 years through various breeds- and it seems to work as we have been lucky and never had a problem with weight or lack of calcium/bone etc.

8-10 weeks should be on reg. food add carrot shavings, tiny pieces of fruit, meat,veggies,cottage cheese